What’s the Purpose of Technology?

What’s the Purpose of Technology?

What is the point of technology? This is a question we have been asking ourselves since the beginning of the human race. The beginning of technology may be dated back to the first civilizations, but today’s technologies far outpace those of even our ancient predecessors. It’s safe to say that the very concept of what the word means is a thing of the past.

One of the most compelling answers to the question of what is the purpose of technology is embedded in the very structure of how we learn. In fact, it is an absolutely essential part of every educational program and activity and is often presented by a combination of text, audio, visuals, and interaction. One particular form of this is presented in is called video conferencing. It is a way for multiple participants to virtually participate in a meeting simultaneously. Here are some of the reasons why:

o Video conferencing presents an unprecedented opportunity to offer participants a chance to receive instruction from a company at no cost to them, but with the possibility to engage, prodding, and questioning the teacher at any time, from any location. o Through the presentation of educational video materials, the teacher is able to make the most of technology to present a hands-on learning experience. This is accomplished through the incorporation of instructional strategies, such as slide shows, handouts, video clips, etc., along with the actual participation of the students.

o Video conferencing enables the use of real people in an authentic classroom setting. o By offering a range of options, including voice, text, and image, teachers can provide instruction and interactivity that would otherwise not be possible. o Slide shows provide visual materials that reinforce the content covered during the lesson. o For videoconferencing solutions to be effective, they must include various ways for participants to get involved in the experience.

The purpose of technology has changed radically over the years. Video, for example, is used to represent the objective of a lecture. Today’s technology makes it possible for professors and their students to construct and deliver lectures, answer questions, and participate in discussions using virtually any media that provides a platform for interaction. When videoconferencing is combined with other instructional strategies and techniques, such as ‘slideshows,’ ‘audio attachments,’ or ‘audio-video supplements,’ students are presented with an experience that is richer and more engaging than could ever be achieved individually.

What’s the purpose of technology? To facilitate communication between two or more people in diverse locations. Facilitated by today’s technology, meetings, and classes are conducted in real or virtual venues. Students can access textbooks, manuals, and any information they need during their visit to the lecture hall. Online teaching can be accomplished via presentations, tutorials, podcasts, radio shows, and newsletters. Students can also have access to a variety of media based on their needs, including webcams, audiotapes, video cassettes, animation, text documents, slide shows, and voice recordings.

What’s the purpose of technology? To enhance the learning experience for both teachers and their students. When combining technology with the previously held views of coursework, instructors can present their assignments as never before. For example, instead of grading a five-page report, an instructor can upload a PowerPoint presentation or a PowerPoint presentation using a portable media player. Likewise, instead of providing written reports, students can construct their own PowerPoint presentations or audio recordings.

What’s the purpose of technology? As science and technology progress, we may witness even greater possibilities for educating our next generation. Perhaps someday students will not need textbooks or teachers to refer to while completing assignments. With all of the possibilities and with this renewed interest in the sciences, I believe that we’re reaching the next stage of our evolution as a society.

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