How Technology Affect Our Life?

How Technology Affect Our Life?

The question of how technology affects our life may ask many questions, but the answer we get may be a little confusing at times. The main question in this regard is – will technology ever cease to exist? The second question is what will happen to us if we start using a new technology that makes our lives easier? The third question is will such technology also come with a benefit? The fourth and last question is will the people use such technology to benefit themselves?

Technology is here to stay and cannot be questioned or avoided. People accept technology, which makes them comfortable and happy. One cannot blame people for accepting something as they have done so without any doubts. How technology affects our lives can be seen through the various forms of entertainment that are available.

How technology affects our life? It is quite interesting that we now use electronic gadgets that can synchronize our activities, whether we are working or playing. In this manner, we do not need to get out of our seats to reach the keypad in time to perform a task. The cell phone in our hand can be used to send messages and make calls.

How technology affects our life is evident in the various applications for which people put their lives at risk. The use of cell phones by young people is one of the highest instances of distraction. Cell phones are not only very dangerous for our mental health but also affect negatively our physical health. Using cell phones can result in headaches, nausea, dizziness, and even ringing in the ears. Using the cell phone while driving has been a cause of serious accidents that have resulted in the loss of life. This means that even before using the technology, we should have taken the necessary steps to avoid it.

How technology affects our life is evident in the various applications of computers and other electronic gadgets that are available in the market. Many schools have computers that students can use to gain knowledge and prepare for various courses. But once the student leaves the school, there are no longer teachers available to supervise the computer use and ensure that students do not take excessive time-wasting on games and other programs. How technology makes our life easier and profitable is clear from the many business applications that are available on the net. But when people are using these business applications, they take the help of a computer and end up straining their eyes and ears.

How technology affects our life is evident from the effects of television on our society. The television adverts are so captivating that they are difficult to resist. The continuous flickering of the images often leads to eye fatigue and insomnia. How technology affects our life is evident in the way advertisers market their products online. There are many ways in which we are influenced by advertising and this is why some of them have become popular overnight.

How technology affects our life can be seen in almost every aspect of our lives. People are using high-tech appliances that make their lives easier. Laptops, desktop computers, cell phones, and other modern-day conveniences are just some of the most common aids that give us the ease of doing almost every task with just a touch of a button. Technology is also playing an important role in the lives of the younger generation, as well as in the lives of their parents.

How technology affects our lives can be seen from the social isolation experienced by some people because of their inability to get along with others using the latest technology. The popularity of social networking websites like Facebook and MySpace has contributed to the increasing social isolation of some individuals. How technology affects our life is evident in the fact that it has caused people to spend most of their time glued to their computers instead of interacting with friends and family. In fact, many adults now admit that they rarely have any close personal relationships because of the increased levels of technological dependence they experience.

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